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We believe the best projects are achieved by listening to the client before anything else. By understanding the needs of the client we are able develop designs that are tailored specifically for your needs. We can carry out some, or all, of the following services for you. A typical project may include:

  • Feasibility Studies - Analysing your site and your requirements. Looking at the local planning constraints and preparing sketch designs that can be discussed with your local authority to get a better idea of whether it is a good idea to proceed to.....

  • Planning Applications - Preparing the required drawings, statements and other documentation to submit  a planning application. When successful we can then prepare....

  • Detailed Design - The detailed drawings, schedules and specifications you would need to gain an accurate price from a builder, and to get Building Regulations Approval. Once everything is in place, we can then help with....

  • Construction Stage - Preparing and administering a construction contract, and inspecting the work as it proceeds on site, making sure the end product is the best possible.

We can also help you with the following additional skills/services:

  • Passive House Design - We are Passive House designers, certified by the Passive House Institute in Germany. Details can be found here

  • Building Control Advice - We are part of the LABC partner scheme which allows us to offer a consistent approach to the Building Regulations, which in turn allows your project to proceed more smoothly.

  • Interior Design - From mood boards and samples, to full 3D visualisations of the interior of your project.

  • Computer Generated 3D Renders - invaluable in the design process to develop and explain the design.

  • Health and Safety - Most domestic projects require the appointment of a 'Principle Designer' to ensure compliance with current health and safety law. We are qualified capable of providing this service. Government guidance on the client's requirements can be found here, and our qualifications can be seen here.

a client led approach to design
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